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I collected the rocks in this piece during one of my many hikes on Patterson Mountain. To truly capture their dimension and texture, I pressed each rock into a small piece of paper with my fingers, then covered it with granular watercolors that settled within the embossed edges. I mounted the papers onto individual wood panels of various depths and connected them as a unit. When I finished the project, I returned the rocks to Patterson Mountain. I invented this finger-embossing process during an artist residency in Norway in 2019 as a way of documenting the many beautiful fjord rocks that I found and couldn’t bring home with me.

Collection of: Methow Conservancy, Winthrop, WA

Geology Lesson: Patterson Mt.
Geology Lesson: Patterson Mt.
Finger-embossed rocks on paper with watercolor, mounted on wood panels
21 x 30 x 3 inches